Eva Sasa

I am the mother of four children ages 6, 11, 14 and 16. I have a varied educational background spurred by a passion for Humanities, Justice and Health, including a B.A. in Italian Literature with minor in Biology, a B.S. and M.S. in Holistic Nutrition, Graduate Certificate in International Relations and Non-Profit Organization Management. I also earned Teaching Diplomas in both Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori Education. It was my second daughter’s health, speech and learning challenges that led me to become a Certified Reflexologist, to earn Aromatherapy I, Reiki I and Craniosacral I and to pursue my studies in Unani Tibb  Middle Eastern Medicine. Most recently I attended Spinning Babies workshops and was half way throuh a C.P.M program when I realized my true passion lies with teaching and supporting mothers through education.  

 I began homeschooling my children eight years ago after having taught Language Arts, Social Studies and Health at a private middle school. It was the ultimate individualized learning environment and opened my family up to many adventures and cherished friendships. My first two births were natural but left me feeling like something was missing, or that I had failed somehow. With my third I decided to choose my home and the fear of the discomfort I experienced in the final hours, led me to the Hypnobabies website. There were no classes nearby and I ordered the home study program. My transition, or what is called transformation in Hypnobabies, was in every way transformative. I was so calm and centered, and pain free that I could connect to my baby as he moved  and adjusted preparing for his entry.  I knew then that someday I wanted to learn how to teach this and bring it to others. That dream finally came true for me in 2017.

My Hyonobabies Journey

It brings me joy to be able to teach this course and share my passion for birthing and the deep transformation and empowermnet that birthing brings to a woman.

At the Instructor training in New Mexico With Kerry Tuschhoff and Intructors Kimberly Gross and


My Spendid Births using Hypnobabies